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A5 Economy Booklets
A budget range of booklets, aimed at those requiring a simple black & white booklet where cost is the main criteria.
Printed with black ink throughout on 80gsm white uncoated paper. 
These booklets are self covered (meaning that the cover is the same paper as the inside)
  • Catalogues
  • Programmes
  • Rag Magazines
  • Club Newsletters
  • Parish Magazines

All booklets are stapled (saddle stitched) & trimmed

We can print brochures booklets, magazines etc. in all shapes and sizes, from 8 to 56 pages.

We can use various colours and weights of paper or card for your cover, please ask for details





Sending in your file for printing. Once you have placed and paid for your order we will contact you by email with instructions on how to send your file electronically. If you decide to post your order on media such as CD or USB stick then we suggest you use Royal Mail Special Delivery which costs about 5.00.


How long will it take? All orders are dealt with on a first come/ first served basis and usually leave us within 3 days of us receiving your correctly prepared originals unless lengthy pre-press work is involved or the order is particularly large or complicated. If you have a deadline to meet we recommend that you book in your job by phone or email whereupon we will be able to give you a definite date for printing.


VAT. Please be aware that all prices shown include VAT where appropriate. In general, booklets and books are zero rated unless they are designed to be written in. Leaflets sometimes are and sometimes are not.


Some notes on preparing your file.


Most jobs we receive these days are supplied as PDFs. Many software applications come with the ability to create a PDF directly - usually by 'Exporting' or 'Saving As'. There will usually be a choice of settings (commonly referred to as Low Res or High Res) and you should make sure you select the highest resolution possible. Please be aware that this may not be the default setting. Providing you have also chosen the option to embed all the fonts then there is nothing else you need to send us. PDFs sent for print will not be checked so please make sure they are correct before sending them.


Software Applications :

If you have been unable to create a PDF then we can accept your native file. Please bear in mind that files supplied this way will take 1 extra day to process and incur an extra charge.


Photos and Tinted Graphics :

These should be at 300dpi (known as the resolution). Line art should be scanned in at 1200 dpi. If you do not follow these requirements the graphic will appear slightly blurred and in the case of graphics supplied as 72dpi they will appear pixelated. Be aware that graphics downloaded from someone's web site will nearly always be 72dpi! and therefore not suitable for printing and could be subject to copyright.



We can accept these photographic file formats but bear in mind that they are not designed for jobs containing text. However, providing you create them at 300dpi they will usually be clear enough. Photographic files supplied at 72dpi will print pixelated and blurred with any text appearing jagged.


How To Check The Quality Of Your PDF :

If you view your PDF on your screen at 150%, this will give you a good indication of how crisp and sharp your image will look when printed. If it looks blurred or pixelated then this is how it will print.


Bleed and Margins :

Any text or image CANNOT go right up to the edge of the sheet and must be kept 5mm or more from the intended edge.


Booklets :

The page count must always be divisible by 4 (i.e.. 12, 16, 20 pages etc.) and remember that the cover counts as 4 pages for costing purposes. Any blank pages should be clearly indicated and are charged for at the normal rate. If you do not show page numbers in your booklet then please supply a file arranged in page order.


Photo Scanning :

If you are unable to scan to a good standard why not leave exact gaps in your file where the photos should go. We can then scan them for you in black & white at a charge of 4 each for the first 10, thereafter at 3 each.


Delivery :

Free Delivery to most UK address is included and takes 3-5 days. Delivery to the highlands of Scotland takes 1 extra day. If you need a faster delivery service this is available at an additional cost. This does not alter the time it takes to print your booklet. Please note that our free delivery service DOES NOT offer compensation for parcels not received or delayed. We always get confirmation of despatch.


Please read our Terms & Conditions as all orders are only accepted on the strict understanding that these terms and conditions will form the only contract between yourself and Reflections PhotoGraphic Services.

We produce thousands of booklets, magazines, newsletters and manuals per year for Charities, Churches, Business and Corporate users.




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